Thank you for your interest in bumble bees and the Wisconsin Bumble Bee Brigade. This quiz will help you assess and improve your identification skills. There are ten questions; each question contains a set of two or three photos; you are asked to identify the species and sex of the bee pictured. The answer is shown after each question, and a summary score page is provided at the end. All bees were photographed in Wisconsin by Bumble Bee Brigade participants.
This quiz targets the most common identifications and points of confusion faced by intermediate-level volunteers; it is meant to challenge and assist volunteers with some prior experience who are developing their identification skills. We encourage you to use identification resources and materials throughout the quiz. A number of identification resources are listed on our website at
Remember that male bumble bees have 7 abdominal segments, and females have 6. Female non-cuckoo bumble bees have corbiculae, but males (of any species) and female cuckoo bumble bees do not.

You are welcome to take the quiz as many times as you would like. Results are not linked to your B3 account or to any individual participant. 

Note: Use the directional arrows at the bottom of each page to navigate, not your browser's back or forward buttons.
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