Through its Master Trainer Certification program, experienced credit building practitioners become credentialed to deliver CBA’s nationally recognized Credit as an Asset training to financial coaches, counselors, and other professionals who support low-income and underserved communities in building strong credit profiles.

This in-depth certification program provides participants with:
* Comprehensive in-person and virtual training and continuing education on course materials and facilitation;
* Full access to license Credit as an Asset curriculum with the ability to adapt course materials for use in local communities; and
* On-going professional development opportunities, technical assistance, and regular updates on changes in the credit industry.

Apply to Become a Master Trainer!

1. Review program requirements and upcoming training sessions here: cbatraininginstitute.org/credit-as-an-asset-master-trainer-certification-program/
2. Complete the application form here by March 15th.
3. Send a professional resumé to CBA at training@creditbuildersalliance.org by March 15th.

A limited number of scholarships are available. If you wish to apply for a scholarship, complete the scholarship section in this application.