1. Introduction

Thank you for your interest in accreditation!  Your answers and feedback will assist the Affordable Housing Accreditation Board in finalizing the Standards and Guidelines for accrediting the affordable housing industry.  

A few tips before you begin:

1) Please read the Standards and Guidelines using the link on our website prior to taking this survey.
2) Note any specific suggestions.
3) Start the survey when you have approximately 15 minutes to complete it.
4) If you have extensive comments or suggestions, feel free to contact us:
    Diana McWilliams, President and CEO, Affordable Housing Accreditation Board 
    email:  diana@housingaccreditation.org
    phone:  267-966-6344

We estimate the survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete, depending on the amount of comments you have.
The survey is divided into four areas:
Demographics and General Impression tells us who you are and gives us feedback on whether the Standards and Guidelines cover all areas of operating a quality affordable housing organization.  

Detailed Impressions have questions on each of the eight standards and the associated guidelines.
Pilot Testing Accreditation Standards inquires about your willingness to be a pilot site or suggest an experienced staff member as an on-site reviewer for the accreditation process.  
Other Comments allows you to submit comments or suggestions that you have not stated in other sections of the survey.

Your perspective is invaluable as we move forward with this endeavor to benefit our industry.  Thank you for your participation!