The AFAP engages Soldiers, Family members, Survivors, Retirees and Department of the Army Civilians across all Army components to identify, prioritize, and elevate quality of life issues to senior leaders for action and resolution. It serves as the “Voice of the Customer.” The attached survey is being used at APG to solicit issues from the community. Service providers and senior leaders will review the issues quarterly and will determine whether issues will be resolved locally or forwarded to Department of the Army for further evaluation. Feedback will be provided to the community, following the quarterly Steering Committee meetings.

The AFAP Survey provides topics in four categories: Medical; Housing and Relocation; Family and Force Support; and Community Services. Each category provides several program areas that span the full spectrum of APG well-being services. Drop down menus will appear under each of the four categories.

The AFAP process serves as a direct line for you to be heard at the highest levels of Army leadership. Your participation in this survey will bring about positive change both at Aberdeen Proving Ground as well as throughout the entire Army community. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

Michael Lupacchino
Family and MWR Director