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* 1. What project methodology do you work in?

* 2. Would you describe your environment as "heavily scripted" (i.e. strong reliance of test cases/scripts run by people)

* 3. Is your testing (and results) heavily driven/influenced by metrics and stats on test case and bug numbers?

* 4. Do you write your own test cases (scripts)?

* 5. Do you regularly run other people's test cases (scripts)?

* 6. Do you utilise automation?

* 7. If you do utilise automation, do you automate before, during or after functional manual testing?

* 8. Do you have a testing certification (i.e ISTQB foundation)?

* 9. Are you involved in the design or specification of the product you test?

* 10. Do you regularly include Exploratory Testing as part of your testing (i.e. as part of your strategy?)