A New Centre for KMC Wellington :)

1.Hi there! Which suburb in Greater Wellington or which other city do you currently live in?(Required.)
2.Tick any of our locations that you have attended classes or courses in?(Required.)
3.Which kinds of transport do you generally use?(Required.)
4.We'd like to know your thoughts on the type of Centre you would like to have in Wellington. Kadampa Centres throughout the world come in all shapes and sizes. Click on the photos of Centres below for which you would love to see a similar one in Wellington.
5.If you could choose, what would you like our new Centre to be?(Required.)
6.If you could choose, what suburb would you like our new Centre to be in? Consider things like visibility to potential newcomers, ease of access and atmosphere.(Required.)
7.Our Centre is run entirely through the kindness of volunteers. We always need your help and support. If you would like to volunteer at the Centre, regularly or occasionally, or are already volunteering, select the areas that interest you.
8.If you are interested in volunteering with anything, please provide us with some contact details.
9.Do you have any other comments or suggestions for us?
10.Could you tell us your name (optional)?