Woman of the Year 2019 nomination form

Open to any woman operating in the corporate treasury environment who can demonstrate real achievement and is an inspiration to others.

Do you know someone like this? Someone who is a role model to others? Or is this you? Have you overcome real adversity? Have you had a career changing experience? Can you demonstrate real innovation? What have you achieved professionally and personally? Why do you stand out?

This form can be used to nominate yourself or someone you know.

Our Adam Smith Awards Asia Yearbook includes case studies of all award winners. The case studies are based on the winning nominations and the text is submitted for winners’ approval prior to publication. By submitting a nomination in the Adam Smith Awards Asia you accept that a case study outlining the details of your winning entry will appear in the Adam Smith Awards Asia Yearbook.

Furthermore, if any information you submit in this nomination form and/or separately, via email, to support your nomination is to be considered for the purposes of judging, but is sensitive and/or confidential and therefore not for inclusion in the case study, should you be successful, please make this clear at the time of submission.

Please complete and submit the form IN FULL below and email any supporting material/CV/testimonials to awardsasia@treasurytoday.com

Nominations will close on September 9th 2019. ALL award winners will receive an invitation to the Adam Smith Awards Asia Gala Presentation Lunch on November 14th 2019 at Raffles Hotel, Singapore.

Very many thanks,

Sophie Jackson, Joint Publisher & Head of Strategic Content

For further information or enquiries please contact myself or:
John Nicholas on +44 (0)1304 629 000 or email john.nicholas@treasurytoday.com

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Please provide any relevant supporting documentation such as testimonials and CV by email to awardsasia@treasurytoday.com

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