1. East Brunswick Board of Education- Superintendent Search Input

Your input on the East Brunswick Board of Education Superintendent Search is very important. Your responses will be used to develop and shape interview questions and candidate review documents. Thank you for taking time to assist us in the search for a new educational leader of our schools!

* 1. What are the most significant strengths and achievements of the East Brunswick School District and the community it serves?

* 2. What critical issues will the school district face in the next 3-5 years?

* 3. What educational background / training / experience should the new Superintendent have?

* 4. What leadership style / personal characteristics are important in a new Superintendent?

* 5. If you could ask the candidates one question during the interview process, what would that question be?

* 6. Are there any other ideas or suggestions you would like to share about the superintendent search that has not been addressed in this survey?

* 7. Please identify yourself as a community member, parent or a staff member