We are interested in understanding which of two options you prefer to improve safety while preserving basalt rock in ten different locations along the stretch of I90 near Four Lakes and Tyler, WA.  We greatly appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

By executive order, WSDOT is directed to make decisions and take actions that promote the conservation of resources for future generations by focusing on the balance of economic, environmental and community needs.  This balance must be factored with Washington State’s Target Zero goals to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes to zero by 2030.

There are ten different areas, each with a visual ranking (meaning the basalt rock and trees are aesthetically pleasing) of moderately high to very high.

Here is a typical location of I-90 that represents the visual quality:
 Typical I90 location that represents visual quality

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* 1. Below are two options each with an associated cost, safety, and visual quality factor.  Please rank your preference, 1 being first choice; 2 being second choice.

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* 2. Please provide any additional information that we should consider in choosing the best option.

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* 3. How did you hear about this survey?

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* 4. Please choose one of the following in terms of your relationship to this stretch of I90:

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