Welcome to FIUteach!

Thank you for your interest in serving as a Mentor Teacher with FIUteach.  As a Mentor Teacher, you are the key to providing a positive and rewarding experience that will encourage our students to continue in our program. 

Launched in 2014, FIUteach is a secondary STEM teacher preparation initiative that is helping to produce qualified math and science teachers. Core elements of the program include recruitment and retention incentives, a compact degree program, a strong focus on research-based strategies for teaching and learning math and science, intensive field teaching experience, and personal guidance from master teachers and faculty. Each year FIU will offer free, immersive teaching experiences to students in the program, producing well-prepared mathematics and science teachers upon graduation.

FIUteach is a unique program that is designed specifically to allow students to earn their BA/BS in math, biology, chemistry, physics or earth science AND a Florida Teacher Certification in that discipline.  Since our students use their upper division electives to earn their certification, it does not add time or expense to their four-year degree program.

As freshmen, FIUteach students enroll in our free, one credit, Step 1 class.  In Step 1, our students are paired with a classmate and assigned an Elementary School Mentor Teacher.  Within the first month, our students undergo MDCPS Fingerprinting/Background checks and make their first visit to observe their Mentor Teacher in action!  About two weeks later, they are team teaching their first lesson in the Mentor Teachers classroom. During the semester, the students visit their Mentor Teacher’s classroom 5 times to complete 2 observations and 3 teaches using inquiry based lessons that were selected to align with the MDCPS Pacing Guides. 

Thanks to the positive experiences and encouragement from our excellent Mentor Teachers, many of our students continue into our Step 2 class.  Similar in design to Step 1, our Step 2 students are assigned to a Middle School Mentor Teacher and visit 4 times during the semester, to complete 1 observation and teach 3 inquiry based lessons.  Step 1 and Step 2 Mentor Teachers are compensated $125 for each student.  

Students that transfer to FIU enroll in our Combo class that combines Steps 1 and 2 into a single class.  Combo students are assigned to Middle School Mentor Teacher and visit 7 times to complete 2 observations and teach 5 inquiry based lessons aligned to the MDCPS Pacing Guides.  Combo Mentor Teachers are compensated at $250/student. 

After completing our Step 1/2 or Combo, our students continue into Knowing and Learning, Perspectives, Classroom Interactions, Project Based Instruction, Functions and Modeling, Research Methods, and Apprentice Teaching.  Teachers mentoring for these classes are compensated at similar rates to Step 1, Step 2, and Combo, and is based on the number of field experiences required for the course. 

In addition to the stipend, our Mentor Teachers will also receive MDCPS Master Plan Points for FIUteach Mentor Teacher Training, and get exclusive access to other professional development opportunities with FIU STEM faculty. 

Thank you again for your interest in FIUteach.  We look forward to meeting and working with you!