1. Paid Pool Introduction


You are invited to join the Rotman Paid Research Participant Pool. Signing up for the pool allows you to receive emails alerting you to paid research studies, where you receive payment (often in cash, but there can be other forms of payment) in exchange for your participation in separate research studies. The pool also provides a way over the Internet to identify when studies are available that fit your schedule and to assist researchers in coordinating their activities.

Consent Form

If you agree to participate in the research pool you will be asked to provide some demographic information about yourself in addition to your name and email address. This information will be collected confidentially and you have the right to leave incomplete any questions you do not wish to answer. This consent form and any demographic information you provide will be kept separately from the materials used in any experiment you choose to participate in.

Only faculty and research assistants conducting research will have access to this information. Only averages and general trends among variables will be shown in publications. Demographic information will only be used to exclude participants from studies in the rare event that demographics are a significant variable in the research being conducted.

Your participation in the research pool and in any individual study is entirely voluntary. If you do not wish to participate, you do not have to consent. The benefits you may expect from joining the participant pool are: (a) payment for your participation in research studies and (b) an opportunity to contribute to scientific research.

If you have any other concerns, you can address them to Vanessa Bohns, paidpool@rotman.utoronto.ca, (416) 946-5072.

If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant, please contact the University of Toronto’s Office of Research Ethics, ethics.review@utoronto.ca, (416) 946-3273.

You may print a copy of this consent form for your records.

To properly register, you must first enter your name, email address where you wish to receive email alerts, and complete the questionnaire. Failure to do so means that we will not have the proper information available to allow access. To register, please continue.

* 1. I have read the above description and give my consent to participate.