Generator Ratings and Application

Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 2 p.m. ET

For consultants who work in electrical design and the application of emergency generators and electrical systems, there is a tenuous balance between the "value-versus-reliability" equation. As more and more projects are becoming driven by budgets and economic factors, consultants are increasingly required to understand the value of the generator sets they configure into a project. It definitely pays to keep up with the recent trends and technology to ensure a proper configuration for each customer's or each project's unique needs.

This webcast will begin with an overview of generator ratings and how these ratings continue to evolve in the current electric power industry. After setting this foundation, the presentation will then dive further into how to balance real world equipment operation with theoretical design. Related topics will include the most up-to-date emissions regulations (Tier 4) and their effect on ratings and electrical systems integration.

Moderating: Amara Rozgus, Editor in Chief, Content Manager, Consulting Specifying Engineer
Presenting: Ray Marfell - Caterpillar Electric Power, Market Consultant. Ray Marfell has been with the Caterpillar Electric Power Group in various roles since 1997, spending the last 10+ years in customer & market facing roles. He holds a degree in electrical engineering from Tri-State (Trine) University in Northern Indiana.

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