Mens underwear - Final Major Project

Hey everyone,

I am a Fashion Buying and Merchandising student at the FRA in London. As part of my final major project I am creating a mens online underwear line.For research purposes I have put a survey together and would really appreciate your participation.Also if you could pass it on to any males you know that would be amazing.

The menswear line will aim to create a great looking wardrobe from the inside out.

Thank you!! :)

Jackie X

* 1. What Gender are you ?

* 2. Which category below includes your age?

* 3. When buying mens underwear as a gift or for yourself, what is most important too you?

* 4. What would you expect to pay when buying a pair of mens underwear?

* 5. If you could change any style aspects to mens underwear , What would it be ?

* 6. What is your favouirte mens underwear brand ?

* 7. Do you see mens underwear as a fashion item ?

* 8. Is branded underwear important too you?

* 9. Do you read emails sent to you from retailers ?

* 10. Which of the folllowing do you use ?