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Thank you for your interest in participating in this study, Middle and High School English/Language Arts/Literacy Teachers’ Preparation and Readiness to Teach Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender Issues in the Wake of Obergefell v. Hodges.  As you may be aware, the Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges extended rights conferred from marriage on same-sex couples.  It is our hope to share, both formally and informally, the data collected through this survey to assist English and literacy teacher educators and education professionals think more deeply about issues confronting teachers as gays, lesbians, and transgender populations gain equality.

Unlike standard consent forms that require your signature, it will be understood that you are consenting to participate in this study if you answer questions for this survey.  We are looking for your most honest answer to each statement; please allow yourself approximately 30 minutes to complete the survey.  There are no foreseeable risks associated with completing the survey, and participation in this survey is voluntary.  If you are discomforted by a question or find a question upsetting, you may choose to skip or refuse to answer a question and continue participating in the survey.  You may also exit the survey at any point, whether or not you choose to resume participation.

Because this is an electronic survey, we will not have access to your personal identity, nor will any of your colleagues, employers, professors, or university administrators.  As such, we will not notify of or verify any individual’s participation in the survey, allowing you to express yourself freely and honestly.  While SurveyMonkey may attach ISP addresses to responses, these ISP addresses will not be recorded, and no data carrying ISP addresses will be shared, disseminated, or made available in publication or presentation.  All Internet-based data will be deleted after the period of participation closes, and even the principal researcher shall not have access to this information once removed.  While every attempt will be made to erase ISP addresses, and thus anything identifiable to your data, should you worry about your responses, you may want to use a public-access computer (e.g., at your place of employment or school) that cannot be traced back to you.

Please know that we will keep raw data for comparison with future studies, and we may share raw data (with no identifiable information) with researchers who are studying the same or similar phenomena.  Decisions about data sharing will be made by the principal investigator and must be strictly for academic purposes.

The survey closes with a page asking you to provide contact information should you wish to participate in follow-up interviews (after the special section page). Please note that no identifying or contact information will be shared or disseminated.  Even if the data are shared, we will not allow any identifying information to be shared with additional researchers studying similar phenomena.  There is no obligation to provide contact information.

For additional information about the survey, data, or how the data is used, you may contact the principal investigators at:
Brian Kelley, Ph.D.

Marshall George, Ed.D.

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