Survey for Independent Dealers
in the floorcare, sewing, and quilting industries

This is a private survey conducted by the VDTA-SDTA for statistical purposes ONLY. We ensure that YOUR PRIVACY WILL BE PROTECTED. The more complete information we have about independent retailers' role in the industry, the better we know how to move the industry FORWARD. We ask that you please fill out this survey to the best of your knowledge and return to our offices by:    September 15.

Providing your name and your company name is optional. If you do provide your name, it will never be disclosed nor disclosed with any accompanying information you provide. It is NECESSARY to list your city and state to give the survey results more accuracy and a better understanding of trends in different regions of the country. Only those who fill out this survey will receive the complete information of the survey results. We will use statistics gathered from this survey in future publication materials.

Some of you may receive this by e-mail as well as mail via our magazines. Please only fill it out once.

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