Patient Experience Survey

A positive patient experience is very important to us. Please tell us how we are doing!

* 1. Please check all the treatments that you have received at the Mt Rainier Clinic

* 2. What other treatments or services would you like offered at the clinic?

On a scale from 1 to 10, where "1" means you strongly disagree, and "10" means you strongly agree, please rate how you feel about the following statements:

* 3. The front desk was courteous and responsive upon arrival

* 4. The doctor or practitioner has been thorough in their treatment explanations

* 5. Staff responded promptly to my questions

* 6. Staff was pleasant and courteous to me during my appointment

* 7. My overall experience at Mt Rainier Clinic has been good

* 8. I am likely to refer Mt Rainier Clinic to a family member or friend

* 9. What else can we do to improve your overall experience at the Mt Rainier Clinic?