We want to find out how you liked Summer Term this year. Please let us know by answering all of the questions on this survey.

* 1. Where did you attend Summer Term this session?

* 2. Why did you participate in Summer Term? (Mark all that apply.)

* 3. Did you enjoy Summer Term?

* 4. Did you feel safe in Summer Term?

* 5. Did you feel comfortable talking to the Summer Term staff?

* 6. Did the Summer Term staff take time to help you when you needed it?

* 7. Do you think Summer Term will help you be a better student when you return to school in the fall?

* 8. Would you like to come back to Summer Term next year?

* 9. Would you tell others they should go to Summer Term?

* 10. What was your favorite part of Summer Term?

* 11. What ideas do you have to make Summer Term better?