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The Shared-Use Mobility Center is conducting a national survey to understand ways to support shared mobility services that increase access to affordable, clean transportation options for all. The survey is geared towards organizations that currently are, or are interested in, implementing shared and electric mobility projects.  The goals of the survey are to build understanding around 1) common barriers to carrying out shared and electric mobility projects, and 2) tools and resources that can be provided to help implementers move past those common barriers.   

The survey is designed to apply to a variety of mobility project types, including electric vehicle (EV) carsharing or ridesharing, bus electrification, or electric-assisted micromobility such as e-bike or scooter-sharing.  We are interested in projects at various stages of implementation, from early concept design to post-project evaluation, and the barriers encountered at each stage up to that point. The intended audience are practitioners from local and regional agencies, community organizations, mobility operators, EV charging providers, utilities, or others who are critical to the success of shared and electric mobility projects.

The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.  It is organized by project phase to learn more about your experience, or anticipated challenges, at different phases of the project--from concept design and partnership development, through to planning and construction, and on to operations and evaluation.

Participation in this survey will not positively or negatively affect your organization’s involvement with any upcoming grant opportunities, including the California Air Resources Board (CARB), Clean Mobility Options  Vouchers for Disadvantaged Communities (CMO) application window. Responses will be anonymized and will not be shared outside of the Shared-Use Mobility Center. 

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