* 1. Do you support public funding to build a Vikings stadium?

* 2. What would be the best way to fund a new stadium for the Vikings?

* 3. The latest state budget forecast calls for a state surplus of $1.2 billion for the 2012 - 2013 biennium, which is obligated to replenish our budget reserve. If further surpluses ensue, how should the money be used? Please rank in order of priority.

Put the money in savings to help insulate our state against future downturns and unstable national and global economies.
Reduce taxes so taxpayers keep more of their money in the future.
Repay K - 12 shift

* 4. Where is the greatest need for tax reform?

* 5. Should state government put levy limits on local governments, thereby limiting their ability to raise your property taxes?

* 6. Would you support a state-wide internet sales tax for online purchases?

* 7. Should Minnesota focus its transportation spending on new light rail projects or on roads and bridges?

* 8. Should a right to work provision be added to Minnesota's Constitution, providing workers with the freedom to join or not join a union?

* 9. Should Minnesotans be required to provide voter identification before voting on election day?

* 10. How should health care be handled in Minnesota?