We value your opinion.

We strive every day to provide the best quality hockey entertainment possible. Please help us do this by providing us with your feedback to our 7-year survey. We will look at every single response. Thank you in advance for helping us be the best we can be.  
Please note, a survey specific to our valued Full-Season and Half-Season ticket holders will be delivered later next week. 

Go Royals Go!

* 1. How many games do you come to per season?

* 2. What ticket (package) do you own/do you have?

* 3. Why don’t you buy a larger ticket package? (disregard if King Club)

* 4. Were the tickets gifted to you?

* 5. How big of a Victoria Royals fan are you? 
1 = not at all    5 = a super fan

* 6. What influences your decision to come to a game? (Select all that apply)

* 7. What aspects do you like best about going to a game? (Select all that apply)

* 8. When we play the same team back to back, do you only go to one game because we are playing the same team twice?

* 9. Do you find purchasing food at the concession efficient?

* 10. Do any of these deter you from attending more games? (Select at least one and all that apply)

* 11. If parking was more easily available would you attend more games?

* 12. If ride share (like Uber) was available would you attend more games?

* 13. If ride share (like Uber) was available would you be OK riding to a game with other fans which is good for the environment and also costs less?

* 14. Would you attend more or less games if it was more of a festive atmosphere (like a European soccer game)?

* 15. If there was a package available on-line with one click that included tickets, pre-arranged parking and pre-selected concession food would you attend more games?

* 16. Did you know there is a gourmet buffet restaurant in the building?

* 17. Did you know all home and away games are available to watch on-line for a fee? 

* 18. How do you get here?

* 19. How far do you live from the arena?

* 20. What city are you originally from?

* 21. What is your age bracket?

* 22. This is optional. Please provide your email address

* 23. May we email you about future Victoria Royals events and promotions

* 24. May we email you about future concerts and events

* 25. Thank you for being a LOYAL ROYAL

Please provide any other feedback here.