Survey Introduction

The Enfield Traffic Impact Study is reviewing potential development opportunities for the underused Enfield Square Mall property along Hazard Avenue and Elm Street, also known as the Route 190 and Route 220 corridors. To support this study, please rate a series of images according to what you believe would be best for the study area of Routes 190 and 220 in Enfield, CT Study Area Map. These survey images represent potential ideas or a combination of ideas for areas in and around the Enfield Square Mall property including Route 190, Route 220, and local roadways connecting the existing and future development. These images have been arranged into the following themes:
  • Building Density
  • Site Layout and Parking
  • Building Architecture
  • Building Heights
  • Residential Use
  • Entertainment Use
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian Amenities
Please indicate your opinion of each image by selecting the appropriate rating. Review the description for each theme and image before making your selection, ignoring minor details such as colors or specific businesses. There is an optional comment section at the end of each theme for you to provide feedback on your rating selections or other considerations for the Route 190 & 220 corridors and Enfield Square Mall site.

Question Title

* 1. What is your home zip code?