Your chance to win two VIP seats to the hottest bridal event in town!

If you have not purchased your dress yet we have the best possible inspiration.

Fill out the quick questions below and be in the running as one of 15 excited brides and their guests to join us at our press only event.

The event starts at 5.30 pm at Kleinfeld Manhattan, with the Roth Runway live at 6.00pm.

You will take your seats front and center to view the very latest Henry and Michelle Roth 2012-2013 collections accompanied by the coolest soul and funk beats for a night of wedding dress bliss.

First, please check the Term and Conditions. If you are eligible please complete questions 1-6 below. Please click 'Done' to submit for judging.

Good Luck and Let’s GO !

Terms and Conditions

1. The competition is reserved for brides who have not yet purchased their gowns.

2. Your wedding date should be planned for November 2012 and onwards.

3. Winners of the runway tickets plus one guest should be within easy transportation reach of Manhattan.

4. You and your guest will be responsible for all expenses associated with getting to and returning from the Roth Runway at Kleinfeld event April 18 to be held at 110 West 20th Street in Manhattan

5. You and your guest will need to be available on Wednesday April 18 to attend starting at 5.30pm for Cocktails. The Runway will go live at 6.00pm.

6. The best 15 answers will be judged by Michelle Roth and Henry Roth and winners will be personally advised by email.

7. Entries must be in no later than 5pm (New York time) on Wednesday April 11, 2012

What you will win:

* Two VIP seats for you and a guest.
* Cocktails and refreshments for two at the Runway.
* A gift certificate of 10% off the price of a Michelle Roth or Henry Roth gown valid for 3 months.
* Opportunity to make a booking for your dress appointment at Kleinfeld with Henry Roth to attend at the closest date suitable.

Now please answer the following (Information will not be republished in any form or manner)

* 1. Why will attending the Henry Roth and Michelle Runway on April 18 be a huge help in finding your dream dress? (In 30 words or less)

* 2. Name:

* 3. Email Address:

* 4. Wedding Date:


* 5. Location of Wedding:

* 6. Have you purchased your wedding dress yet?