Welcome to Rostrvm Solutions' Desktop Applications & Social Media Survey

What is this survey about?

We are conducting our survey to gain a 'real world' insight into IT complexity in the contact centre and supporting 'back office' operations. We also hear that contact centres increasingly use Social Media such as Twitter and FaceBook to interact with customers..... is this true?

What will you get out of it?

Everyone who completes the survey and provides contact details will be provided with a copy of the summary and analysis of the results to gain an insight on customer transaction operational issues.

Our promise to you.

All information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence. The published survey results will not identify individuals or specific organisations.

How long will it take?

From the next page the survey should take you no longer than five minutes. Most answers are tick boxes for multiple choice questions and you have the opportunity to comment if you wish.

Submit a completed on-line survey before 31st January 2013 to receive your copy of the survey report.

Click "Next" to get started with the survey. If you'd like to leave the survey at any time, just click "Exit this survey". Your answers will be saved.