The Rogers Comprehensive Plan will examine existing conditions and provide recommendations concerning housing, land use, economic development, parks and recreational opportunities, streets, utilities and drainage. The goal of this survey is to gather public input and incorporate these opinions into the goals and vision for future development in Rogers.

* 1. How long have you lived in the City of Rogers?

* 2. How do you feel about the following community facilities/services in Rogers?

  Improvements and/or additional facilities needed Satisfied with current facilities No opinion
Health Clinic/health services
Arts/entertainment venue (indoor or outdoor)
Senior centers/senior services
Youth centers/youth services
Childcare services (i.e. day care, after school programs)
Animal control
Code enforcement (i.e. dangerous structures, weeds, etc.)
Emergency services (e.g. Fire, Police, EMS)
Flood drainage 
Garbage pickup
Recycling pickup
Sewer and water system improvements
Street cleanup/litter pickup
Bicycle facilities
Street repairs
Traffic controls (e.g. illegal parking, speeding)
Crime awareness/prevention (e.g. neighborhood crime watch)

* 3. How important are the following goals for Rogers?

  Very Important Somewhat Important Not Important No opinion
Organized events (i.e. farmers markets, festivals)
More or improved public parks and trails
Create design guidelines for future growth
Preserve farmland
Improve the appearance of downtown
Historic building preservation
Create job opportunities
Attract shops and commercial services

* 4. Please mark the response that best represents your opinion concerning housing needs in Rogers:

  Much more needed Some more needed We have enough No opinion
New home construction
New apartment construction
Public or subsidized housing
Senior housing
Rental housing
Rental assistance
Down payment assistance
Housing rehabilitiation
Tear down dilapidated housing
Historic preservation

* 5. Which additional recreational facilities would you like to have in Rogers? Please rate each facility.

  Very Important Somewhat Important Not Important No Opinion
Recreation Center
Hike/Bike Trail
Bike Lanes
Swimming Pool
Tennis Courts
Softball/Baseball Field
Soccer Field
Picnic Area
Golf Course
Skate Park
Basketball Courts
Volleyball Courts
Community Garden

* 6. What kinds of businesses would you like to see more of in Rogers in the future?

  More please! No thanks No opinion
Auto repairs and services
Hardware store
Coffee Shop/Cafe
Grocery store
Retail/clothing shops
Large department store (i.e. Target)
Movie theater
Personal services (i.e. salon)
Professional services (i.e. lawyer)
Health care (i.e. dentist office)

* 7. What type of commercial development would you prefer to see in Rogers?

* 8. How often do you visit downtown Rogers?

* 9. If there were more stores and restaurants in the downtown area, how likely would you be to visit downtown more frequently?

* 10. Where do you work?

* 11. What changes in Rogers are you excited about?

* 12. What do you think is the city's greatest challenge?

Thank you for completing the survey! If you have more questions and comments, please feel free to contact Chris Hill or Zachary Stern at:

Chris Hill with the City of Rogers

Zachary Stern with GrantWorks
512-420-0303 ext 320