Thank you for your interest in the Charles A. Rodefeld Award for Leadership in Philanthropy and the Community. 

This award honors a man who was not widely known as a philanthropist or worker for non-profit organizations.  He was, instead, a person who moved quietly but steadily to help meet community needs.  The Rodefeld Award seeks to recognize Wayne County citizens and/or companies who have been there when agencies or organizations most needed them, who served faithfully and well, though without fanfare, and who have provided leadership and significant financial support over the years. 

To qualify for the Charles A. Rodefeld Award, an individual, corporation, or organization must have demonstrated exceptional leadership and innovative commitment to addressing a community concern or a dedication to improving the effectiveness of an existing charitable institution while maintaining an attitude of humility.  Evidence of achievement must be demonstrated by gifts of volunteer leadership and significant personal/corporate resources.
We encourage you to think of hard-working, humble people in our community who deserve recognition for using their philanthropy to create a stronger, more vibrant community - and then nominate them for this award.
Once you begin the application, you CANNOT save it and continue later. Answers are limited to 500 characters, including spaces, so we suggest you review the questions on the next page, then prepare your answers in Word or a similar program before pasting them into the nomination form.

To complete the nomination, you will need all of the following:
- Contact information for the nominating organization
- C
ontact information for the person/corporation being nominated
- Support that shows how your nominee fits the criteria for this award
- Two letters of support from others. The committee will not consider a nomination unless they include these!

Deadline to submit a nominee is 5:00 p.m. on March 2.
The nominating organization will receive a $1,000 grant from the Foundation if their nominee is chosen for this award. Recipients will be honored at the Foundation's Annual Dinner.