Audience Feedback regarding conductor candidate Robert Tomaro

The Santa Cruz County Symphony Association is in the process of auditioning candidates to become our next Music Director. We will request audience feedback on all five of our guest conductor candidates this season. As an audience member, your confidential feedback is very important to us! Thank you for your participation. We really value your opinion.


* 1. Rate this conductor on the following capabilities:

  Poor Fair Average Good Excellent
Music selected for this Concert
Communication with the audience
Artistic quality of performance
Charisma and conducting style
Your overall impression

* 2. Recommendations for the future of this conductor candidate:

  No Maybe Probably Yes
Would you come hear the orchestra led by this conductor again?
Would you buy season tickets to hear this conductor?
Would you recommend a performance by this conductor to your friends or family?
Would you recommend this conductor be hired as the Symphony's new Maestro?

* 3. What is your connection with the Santa Cruz County Symphony?

  No Yes
Have you attended a concert of the SCCS before this season?
Are you planning to attend all 5 concerts this season?
Are you a season subscriber?
Do you plan to subscribe next season?

* 4. Where did you hear the concert?

* 5. What is your age bracket?

* 6. What music would you like the Santa Cruz County Symphony to perform?

* 7. How do you hear about Santa Cruz County Symphony concerts and events? (Please check all that apply)