Rockville’s Compensation Commission convenes every four years, before a city election, to determine annual stipends for the city’s five elected officials. 

Currently, the Mayor receives $32,582 in compensation and each Councilmember, $26,376. Any adopted changes to the Mayor and Council's compensation would go into effect after the 2019 election, which takes place Nov. 5.

The commission is required by ordinance to make its recommendation to the Mayor and Council by March 31. Before making a recommendation, the commission has created this survey to solicit your input.

Question Title

* 1. What principle(s) and goals should guide the City’s compensation practices for the Mayor and Council?

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* 2. If you have served on the Council (or as Mayor): Was the compensation you knew you would receive from the City a significant factor (positive or negative) in your decision to run? Or, if not, what role, if any, did it play?

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* 3. If you have not served or sought election: Would you have to make a substantial financial sacrifice to devote the time you believe would be required of you to serve on the Council or as Mayor? And, if so, would that sacrifice be enough to keep you from seeking office (prior to your retirement)?