The Granite State Children’s Alliance (GSCA), the Chapter Organization for NH Child Advocacy Centers, is excited to receive the support of Rivier University to further support our critically important initiative - KNOW & TELL through education and training.

KNOW & TELL is a public responsibility movement to educate all NH adults to KNOW the signs of abuse and TELL responsible authorities when they recognize them. At the completion of training, each participant will:
  • KNOW the signs of child abuse
  • LIMIT the barriers to reporting child abuse
  • RESPOND to disclosure/outcry of abuse
  • TELL in response to mandated reporting laws and policies
  • PARTNER with your local Child Advocacy Center

To register for the upcoming 2-part training workshop,  provide your contact information below and complete this short survey. Total time requirement is 3-5 minutes.
NOTE: There are eight "survey" questions. These questions are only used to gauge preliminary knowledge of the audience before training. Each question requires a response. Select "DONE" to submit survey.

* 1. Name & Contact Information:

* 2. The role that BEST describes my participation in the selected training workshop(s) is as a/an: (Select ONE)

* 3. Select the statement that BEST reflects your familiarity/knowledge of NH Mandated Reporting Laws:

* 4. True or False - In order to report suspected child abuse/neglect, I must have some proof of abuse/neglect.

* 5. Before reporting suspected child abuse/neglect, I must: (Select all that apply)

* 6. Once a report is made, Child Advocacy Centers (CAC) coordinate the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) so that all involved parties (i.e., DCYF, Law Enforcement, Crisis Center Advocate, County Attorney, and Forensic Interviewers) come together in one place to complete the forensic interview. Please select the statement below that best reflects your knowledge of the MDT approach:

* 7. Have you ever suspected a child was being abused/neglected?

* 8. Have you ever reported suspected child abused/neglected?

* 9. If "YES" to Questions 7 or 8 - Have you encountered any barriers around reporting suspected child abuse/neglect? If yes, please explain.
NOTE: Select N/A if your responses to Question 7 or 8 were "NO".