Help The River SOAR!

The River Food Pantry is participating in strategic planning through Appreciative Inquiry and the SOAR process. Appreciative Inquiry discovers the best in people, organizations and systems, and builds upon those strengths to create positive change. The process looks at Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results (SOAR).

We invite you to get involved. We want to focus on the strengths of The River, the many accomplishments, values, and attributes of The River. We want to bring the very best of the past forward and build upon it to determine The River's future.

Please be a part of the discussion and take this short survey. 

* 1. Question of the week: What does The River do WELL on behalf of the services we provide?

* 2. Question of the week: What motivates you to support The River? 

* 3. Question of the week: What would you like to see in a future River facility?

* 4. Tell us about a time when you were proud of The River Food Pantry. 

* 5. Please share your Three Word Sentence about The River. (Capture your impression of The River in three words or less.)

* 6. What one thing do you feel works really well at The River?

* 7. In what ways might The River build upon that one thing (mentioned in question #2) to have a more positive impact in the community?

* 8. Please share any other comments or ideas you might have about The River.

* 9. How are you affiliated with The River Food Pantry? Check all that apply.

* 10. How long have you been affiliated with The River Food Pantry? 

* 11. Would you like to get more involved with our SOAR process?