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In December, Ritenour hosted community engagement meetings at each of its elementary and middle schools to provide information and seek feedback about potential changes to school boundaries.  

If you were unable to attend the meetings, we hope to get additional feedback as well.  

We need your help to determine the planning parameters for the project.  A planning parameter is a characteristic, a factor, a condition or descriptor that could be important in defining school attendance areas.

How do you value each of  the parameters?  Relative to their degree of importance or value, check each parameter indicating if you think it is very important, important, if you don’t have an opinion about it, if it is somewhat important or not important at all. 

Please make sure your information recorded reflects your individual ideas and suggestions. Your thoughts on this project are important as the district moves forward. 

Question Title

* 1. How Important is Each Planning Parameter?

  Very Important Important No Opinion Somewhat Important Not Important
Eliminate divided apartment complexes among elementary schools so students living in these complexes attend one elementary school
Divide the community south of Page Ave. to no more than two elementary schools, with preference provided to maintaining the community attending one elementary school
Allow students to stay in their current school until they move to the next level (e.g. - 5th grade, 8th grade).
Provide equity in class size, resources, staffing and programs
Minimize travel/maximize safety in travel; Assign students to the closest school possible and don’t divide subdivisions and neighborhoods
Reassign as few students and staff as possible
Provide equal classroom sizes that are at, or below, DESE standards
Eliminate overcrowding and balance enrollments by schools
To the extent possible, avoid students crossing identified “dangerous” streets
Provide racial and socioeconomic balance
Provide clean feeder patterns to avoid splitting students from their peers when they attend middle school
Allow siblings to attend the same schools
Provide all services needed for students with special needs in all buildings
Operate buildings at capacity
Utilize this opportunity to explore building capacity for innovative programs now and in the future
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