Your answers to these questions are given anonymously apart from the location of your sheltered housing facility.

Your answers will help us report back to the funders and help us to improve the work that we do.

We have left space at the end for your own comment and, if you wish us to speak with your directly, you can leave your name and details for us to contact you.

Thank you very much for your help.

* 1. In which sheltered housing scheme do you live?

* 2. What age are you?

* 3. Gender:

* 4. My computer, tablet and internet skills have improved since beginning the Supporting Active Engagement project.

* 5. I enjoyed the Supporting Active Engagement tablet and internet course

* 6. After participating in Supporting Active Engagement I am able to access information about my rights and entitlements through Rights 4 Seniors website

* 7. Supporting Active Engagement has had a positive impact on my health and wellbeing

* 8. After completing the Rights4Seniors Digital Course and learning how to use email and/or social media (Facebook, Skype etc.) I feel less isolated

* 9. Supporting Active Engagement has improved my knowledge of how to access online information regarding what procedures I should follow when making a complaint

* 10. After completing the Rights4Seniors Digital Course I am more confident in making a complaint

* 11. Please leave your own personal comment about the project which we may use in Advice NI publications.

* 12. Please leave your name and contact details only if you wish us to contact you directly (otherwise this will remain anonymous).