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What should public transit be trying to do in Kansas City, Missouri?

KCATA’s mission is to connect people to opportunities. Our vision is to deliver innovative solutions that enhance mobility and improve our community.

But different people tell the KCATA to do opposite things. We only have so much money, so we need your help figuring out what our priorities should be.

We want everyone’s opinions about the RideKC network. Everyone has a valid point of view.

This survey is about what we should focus on in the next two years in KCMO. That’s why it’s mostly about bus and streetcar service, and in some cases flexible or demand-responsive services.

Thank you for taking this survey! It should take you less than 10 minutes to complete.

Want to learn more before you take this survey? Visit the project webpage to review more information about how the current system works, and what the key choices are: ridekcnext.org

Or go ahead and take the survey right now!

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