I love a new year. Turning the page on last year and seeing the blank slate of a new year reaching out in front of me ready to be filled is exciting.

I look forward to new beginnings, new goals, new opportunities to learn, new challenges, new products to create, and new ideas to implement.

Why am I asking for your help through this survey?

What you told me through your survey responses at the beginning of 2016 brought about improvements in my focus, in my writing of articles and in the weekly newsletter. Plus, your input helped to set the conditions for the successful launch of the Success to Significance Podcast.

I want to know what matters to you and what material genuinely resonates with you. Your thoughtful input will help me to understand how I can best meet your needs and help you.

What kinds of questions am I asking you?

I ask questions about:
  • Demographics so I can understand the makeup of our community¬†(6 Questions)
  • Your thoughts on my blog/articles (9 Questions)
  • Your insights on the Success to Significance Podcast (9 Questions)
  • Your input on my weekly newsletter (8 Questions)
  • Your favorite sources of information (2 Questions)
  • Social Media Activity (2 Questions)
  • Your challenges and how I might help you (3 Questions)

How long is the Survey?

I want the survey to be a short as possible for you. If you don't read my blog/articles, for instance, just answer "No" and then click NEXT at the bottom of the page. You'll skip all the questions related to my articles. The shortest survey is 17 questions, and the longest is 40 questions.

It will take you about 10 minutes to complete, 15 minutes if you provide detailed answers.

I appreciate your willingness to participate & help!

To your prosperity,