Revision of the National Tourism Policy (2010)

PURPOSE: To assess the current situation with regard to tourism in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, and in collaboration with stakeholders, to formulate a vision and mission for tourism.

REASON FOR INVITATION: As a stakeholder in this important industry, your input on the current situation and the willed future is vital in charting the course for tourism to 2030.

PROCEDURES: Complete the survey online (duration 15 minutes) or request a hard copy from the Tourism Advisory Unit, Ministry of Tourism at 624-1403 – Ext: 150 or Ext: 231.

If completing the hard copy version of this survey please address it Attn: National Tourism Policy Review Committee and return it 

- in Trinidad to: Ministry of Tourism 
- in Tobago to: Tobago Division of Tourism  OR  Tobago Hotel and Tourism Association 

RISKS: There is no risk from participating in this research.

POTENTIAL BENEFITS TO YOU and to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago: The tourism industry is of vital importance to the economy of the Republic. Tourism is defined as “the act of travel and the set of actions engaged in by persons who are away from their usual environment” (UNWTO) and includes international tourism, domestic tourism; persons who travel for business and pleasure.
Your input will help to shape, among other things, the allocation of resources in marketing the destination, development/enhancement of the visitor experiences, and the infrastructure.

PRIVACY and CONFIDENTIALITY: All the information collected from you or about you or your agency will be kept confidential to the fullest extent allowed by law. In very rare circumstances specially authorized personnel may be given access to our research records for purposes of protecting your rights and welfare.

AGREEMENT TO PARTICIPATE: By checking the "YES" box below you are stating the following:

∙      The details of this research study have been explained to me including what I am being asked to do and the anticipated risks and benefits;

∙      I have had an opportunity to have my questions answered;

∙      I am voluntarily agreeing to participate in the research as described on this form;

∙      I may ask more questions or quit participating at any time without penalty.

RESEARCH STUDY RESULTS: If you wish to learn about the results of this research study you may request that information either by contacting Tourism Advisory Unit at the phone number given, or by checking the project website (

PAYMENT: There will be no payment for participation in the research.

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