Role Modeling, Ethics & Social Media

Objectives: Staff members will learn about the importance of serving as an effective role model, and the impact that the usage of cell phones, texting, and social media have on that effort. Staff members will learn the potential pitfalls in the use of social media and develop a clearer understanding of the ramifications of “life in the fishbowl.”

FALDO's: Clarifying Values, Effective Communication, Intellectual Growth, Realistic Self-Appraisal, Social Responsibility, Personal and Educational Goals.

* 2. Organization:

Consistently clear, concise, well organized. Points were easy to follow because of the organization.Transitions between sections smooth and coordinated.

* 3. Topic Knowledge:

Displayed an excellent grasp of the material. Demonstrated excellent mastery of content, application and implications. Excellent research depth.

* 4. Creativity:

Very creative and original. Imaginative design and use of materials. Novel handouts, visual aids, or methods.

* 5. Visual Aids:

Simple, clear, easy to interpret, easy to read. Well coordinated with content, well designed, used very effectively. Excellent example of how to prepare and use good visual aids.

* 6. Summary:

Clear, concise, major points emphasized, clear recommendations, strong conclusion or call for action.

* 7. Stage Presence:

Excellent stage presence. Confident, used notes well, at ease, excellent gestures, good audience attention, good eye contact.