Thank you for your interest in the Retirement Living Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct requires that signatories agree to audit their compliance, act to rectify any failings as necessary, and annually provide written confirmation to the Code Administrator of their compliance.

This form contains the Annual Compliance Checklist and Annual Compliance Statement that must be submitted to the Code Administrator in order to be officially certified as Code compliant.


From 1 January 2020 operators claiming to be Code Compliant must annually certify that they have met the Commitments of the Code.

Upon submission of the Annual Compliance Checklist and Annual Compliance Statement, the Code Administrator will acknowledge receipt and issue a subscription invoice. Upon payment of the subscription fees, a Compliance Certificate will be issued and the Code Register updated.

Compliance System

Code signatories commit to maintaining an in-house system for Code compliance.


As detailed in the Code of Conduct, the Code Administrator may initiate an audit of Code compliance.

Where a Code Signatory has also embarked upon industry accreditation through the Australian Retirement Village Accreditation Scheme (ARVAS), signatories will be independently audited on adherence to the Code of Conduct as a part of that accreditation.

On the next page we'll ask you for a few details about you and the company you're intending to register for the Code of Conduct, and then we'll move onto the compliance checklist.