Informed Consent

You are invited to participate in a study which examines how doctoral psychology students respond to peers’ unethical conduct during graduate education and training. This study has been approved by the Pacific University Internal Review Board (IRB). This study will help to increase knowledge regarding ethical responding and may benefit students and institutions in the future. You will be asked to complete this informed consent form, the demographics and program information questionnaire, and the Responding to Peer Improprieties Survey. The survey will include questions about your experiences in your graduate program and how you have responded to unethical conduct by peers. Completing these forms should take approximately 15 minutes. We thank you for your time in advance should you choose to participate.

The data we hope to obtain from several hundred participants will be analyzed and results may be published. Data collected is anonymous, thus no identifying information of participants will be available. There is no risk of having your computer identified during electronic communication as researchers will not be collecting IP addresses. The Survey Monkey account used to collect responses is a private account belonging only to the primary researcher and is password protected.

A Facebook page has been created to provide more information about this study. When accessing Facebook to review the study details, it is recommended that you review the policies of Facebook as Facebook does collect and store information. These Facebook policies can be accessed at: We want you to know that, while as researchers, we will not have access to anyone’s data that uses our page nor do we have any plan for collecting that data, Facebook will be collecting that data.”There are no direct costs or benefits of participation and you will not be paid. Similar studies have not reported risk/harm to study participants.

Your participation is voluntary, if you decide to participate, you are free to not answer any question you choose or withdraw at any time without prejudice or negative consequences. All participants must be 18 years of age or older and currently enrolled in a doctoral level psychology program.

The researcher will be happy to answer any questions you may have during the course of the study via email at If you are not satisfied with the answers you receive, please call Pacific University’s IRB, at (503) 352 – 1478 to discuss concerns further. All concerns and questions will be kept in confidence. The Pacific University IRB will be notified within 24 for hours in the case of a major adverse event and by the next business day in the case of minor concerns and will be addressed by the primary researcher and supervisor. During your participation in this project it is important to understand that you are not a Pacific University clinic patient or client, nor will you be receiving complete care as a result of your participation in this study. If you are injured during your participation in this study and it is not due to negligence by Pacific University, the researchers, or any organization associated with the research, you should not expect to receive compensation or medical care from Pacific University, the researchers, or any organization associated with the study. Please feel free print a copy of the above pages for your records.

* 1. I have read and understand the above and have no further questions. I am 18 years of age or over, have been offered a copy for my records, and agree to participate in the study. I may withdraw at any time without consequence.