Tri-Valley SELPA
The Tri-Valley SELPA Community Advisory Committee (CAC) organized a resource fair in 2018 as one of the activities for the academic year. Over 25 agencies providing services for special needs children participated. Over 150 parents attended the event held at the Student Union building of the Dublin High School. 

In 2019, the resource fair was combined with the adult transition fair to target a wider population of children and adults. In addition to the vendor fair, there was also a series of breakout sessions, organized into three tracks - Elementary School, Middle School, High School & Transition. There were over 40 agencies that participated and over 200 parents attended the event.

This academic year, the Resource & Transition fair is being planned for Saturday, February 29th, 2020. In addition to inviting several agencies like the previous years, the plan is to also arrange for a set of breakout sessions as well as discussion forums at the event.
This survey is an effort to gather feedback from parents to understand areas of interest and arrange breakout sessions and discussion forums accordingly.
Please take a few minutes to provide your responses to this questionnaire. 
Thank you!
CAC Team