This survey is part of the New Brunswick Women’s Council’s Resonate initiative. The New Brunswick Women’s Council is an independent body that advises government and tells the public about issues that are important to women’s equality in New Brunswick. The primary goal of Resonate is to hear directly from women in the province and the organizations that serve and support them.

While our mandated area of focus is women (trans and cis), the council also wants to make space to hear about issues affecting individuals who are gender diverse and/or belong to gender minorities in the province who do not identify as women as these individuals face challenges that are rooted in gender-based inequality.  For this survey, we use the terms gender diverse and gender minorities interchangeably and define them as identities that exist under or in close relation to the transgender umbrella. This includes, but is not limited to: Two Spirit, nonbinary, gender-fluid, genderqueer, agender, trans, transmaculine, transfeminine, and bigender.

The findings of Resonate will be shared on nbwomenscouncil.ca in early 2018.
About this survey:
  • It is open to gender diverse people who are 19 years of age or older and currently living in New Brunswick. Trans women can fill out this version of the survey or the version that is specifically for women (both versions of the survey will provide you with a space to describe your gender in your own words).
  • Completing the survey is completely voluntary. You can stop at any time. If you close the survey before submitting it, your answers will not be saved. You can skip any questions you do not want to answer. You can revisit previous pages of the survey or jump ahead.
  • It will take about 15 minutes to complete (if you decide you want to provide detailed answers, it may take longer).
  • Some of the questions ask about things that may make or have made your life difficult. If answering questions about these issues seems like it may be too difficult or upsetting for you at this time, we encourage you to wait and complete the survey later or reach out to us so we can support your participation. Call Linda Landry-Guimond at 1 844 462 5179 or email council@gnb.ca if you need support to participate.
  • Many questions are open-ended. Feel free to write your answers to these questions in whatever way works best for you. A few words, point form lists, full sentences, or even a poem are all great. Our priority is hearing from you in your own words – don’t worry about spelling or grammar!
  •  There are three sections:  the first asks questions about your age, language, race, ethnicity, income, employment, living situation, and the region in which you live (this will help us identify similarities and differences in people’s experiences based on these factors); the second asks what you think are some of the biggest issues people belonging to gender minorities face in the province; the third asks about challenges you personally face as a gender diverse person.

We’re committed to protecting your privacy and anonymity. We want you to know that:

  • What you share in this survey, along with information we gather through other Resonate activities, will become part of a larger look at the experiences, priorities, challenges, and ideas of women and gender diverse people in New Brunswick.  The findings of Resonate will be shared multiple ways with government and the public (print, online, presentations, media interviews) and help shape the work of the Women’s Council.
  • You will not be asked to provide your name, address, phone number, or email. In addition, any information you do provide that may identify you or someone else (for example, names of people, specific locations) will not be included in the findings shared as part of Resonate.
  • The sharing of findings may include stories you shared and quote your answers word-for-word (removing any names or other information that could identify you, of course). If you don’t want us to share your stories or quote you word-for-word, let us know in the consent section on the next page.
  • The surveys will be stored by the council on a password protected secure server and/or a locked filing cabinet for 4 years, after which they will be stored in the government records centre. If outside requests for completed surveys are made (i.e. as a Right to Information Request), every effort will be made to ensure all personal information is removed from the survey in keeping with the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act prior to its release.

If you want more information or to provide feedback or suggestions, please contact the New Brunswick Women’s Council at 1 844 462 5179 or council@gnb.ca.