International Association for Resilience and Trauma Counseling- A New Proposed ACA Division

Our turbulent times and the sustained interest of ACA members have convinced us to obtain Organization Affiliate (OA) Status. We recently submitted our Division application to create a new ACA Division: International Association of Resilience and Trauma Counseling (IARTC).  Approval for Division status requires a membership of at least 500 current ACA members, and we need your ACA member number and contact information. Regardless of any decision by the Governing Council on the application of IARTC to become a Division, the Traumatology Interest Network will remain an active Interest Network for all ACA members.

These 500+ members would commit to joining the new Division for at least one year.  ACA membership is required.  The Division will embrace the ACA Code of Ethics and will advance the strategic goals and plans of the American Counseling Association (see: ACA Strategic Plan 2018-2021).

This survey identifies current ACA members willing to join IARTC, which would be a Division dedicated to the epistemology and practice knowledge regarding resilience and trauma through a global lens. The information collected in this survey will be submitted to ACA as part of the division application materials, and to follow up with you later.  Updates to the application and Governing Council guidance will be posted in the Traumatology Interest Network ACA Connect community.

To complete the survey, please have your ACA member ID ready and add your contact details so that we can send you the IARTC Newsletter and important updates. The survey should take about one minute to complete.  Please click the link below or paste it into your browser window.

Please Note: We achieved Organizational Affiliate Status in July 2021. We submitted our ACA Division application in October 2021. The process to be approved as a division normally takes several months, so there may not be any updates until the ACA Governing Council votes on our application. This is likely to occur sometime during the second half of 2022. You are considered a valued member of IARTC upon completing this survey, even though no membership certificates are provided during this interim period, and no fees are being collected. To learn more about IARTC, see our Newsletters on the IARTC website at this link: If you have questions or ideas to share, please contact or We would love to hear from you!  

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* 1. If you are interested in joining the International Association of Resilience and Trauma Counseling and commit to maintaining membership in the OA/Division for at least one year, please add your details below. This information will be submitted to ACA as part of the application process and to follow up with you later. Your ACA Membership ID Number is required.

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* 2. How did you hear about IARTC?