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As part of the National Disaster Resilience Competition, the State of Connecticut was awarded funding to plan for a “Resilience Hub” in or close to Bridgeport’s South End.  The Hub will be a resource to contribute to the overall resilience of the neighborhood.  It is intended that the Hub provide community benefits throughout the year and in times of crisis, for instance, during major storm events. 

The design team is soliciting your feedback to prioritize the types of activities and services the Resilience Hub might support.  Please prioritize the following Resilient Hub program elements in terms of relevance to you.  If you have additional ideas for things the Hub might do to support community resilience, please write ideas in the provided spaces. 

What priority would you assign to the following programs?

* 1. Please rank the following programs with 1 being the highest priority and 8 being the lowest priority. Each number can only be selected once.

* 2. What other programs can you think of that would be of value as part of the resilience hub?  Where would you have ranked these programs (1 to 8) if they had appeared in the previous question?