The Vision 2020 sub-committee, Community Wide Technology, is seeking community input on current and future communication/technology needs and wants. The sub-committee focus is “what does Austin’s Superhighway of Technology look like and how do we deliver on those expectations?” What do you need to communicate and work in the future, both in Austin and beyond?

Please take time to respond to our anonymous survey questions and provide input that will guide our Community Wide Technology sub-committee. We appreciate your response and support. The results of the survey will be posted on the 2020 website.

Sub-committee members: Chris Holt, Marian Clennon, Craig Jones, Steve Holtorf, Chad Christenson, Laura Helle, Dan Harber, Charles Mills, Mark Nibaur, Ric Hanson, Pam Bishop, Corey Haugen, Justin Bickler, Alex Thorson, and Sara Schafer.