Request for Information

In preparation for migrating to Evergreen Indiana, please fill out the information below.

Please have the following information on-hand when answering this survey:

Number of items in library
Number of bibliographic records
Number of active patrons
Create a new email address for use with overdue notices. Many libraries set up a new account (e.g.
Annual and one-time fees spent on your current ILS

* 1. Library contact information

* 2. How many patrons does your library currently have?

* 3. Does your library have any reciprocal borrower agreements?

* 4. How many items (books, DVDs, magazines) does your library own?

* 5. How many titles (bibliographic records) does your library own?

* 6. How many branches does your library have?

* 7. How do you manage cataloging among your branches?

* 8. Do you have a bookmobile?

* 9. What is the name of your current ILS (e.g. Sirsi, Winnebago, Follett)?

* 10. Is your library under a maintenance, service, license or other ILS contract? If yes, please describe.

* 11. Does your library:

* 12. Does your library use a SIP connection?

* 13. Provide the contact information of a designated contact person at your library for migration purposes.

* 14. Provide contact information for a designated person if you use an outside tech support vendor.

* 15. Provide an email account for use with overdue and hold email notices. Many libraries set up a new account (e.g.

Please mail, fax or email a photocopy of 10 item barcodes and 10 patron barcodes to the Evergreen Indiana Coordinator. Make sure you collect a least one sample from each different type/length of item barcodes. For example, some libraries use 6 and 8-digit item barcodes. Make sure you look carefully through your collection and provide a sample of each length.

Evergreen Indiana Coordinator
Indiana State Library
140 North Senate Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Fax: 317-232-0002