Greetings valued neighbor!
For several years now the City of Lakeland has heard from residents concerned about poorly run residential rental properties and their profound impact on neighborhood quality of life.  Existing laws and codes address behavior and conditions after the fact, but do little to bring about lasting change.  As a result, the Mayor and City Commission are considering creation of a program for registration of residential rental properties as a proactive measure aimed at improving landlord performance and tenant behavior.
With the link to this survey you should have received copies of a presentation on the program as well as drafts of the proposed ordinance and fee resolution.  Before continuing, and so that your input is based on the program as currently proposed, we ask that you review the presentation, ordinance and fee schedule.  Our goal as always is to balance the needs and expectations of ALL Lakelanders in achieving our Mission to be "a community working together to create an exceptional quality of life."
Thank you in advance for your time and engagement!!!