Hi, thanks for participating in this survey conducted by the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

The future of renewable energy policy in Australia is uncertain. The Federal Government is currently conducting a review into the Renewable Energy Target, has committed itself to repealing the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and announced cuts to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

This survey aims to collect the views of apprentices, TAFE students, University students and recent graduates in the field of renewable energy about what you want to see the Federal Government do about its support for renewable energy. The responses will be collated and released anonymously in a report in August.

Thank you - if you have any questions please email daniel.spencer@aycc.org.au

If you want find out more about the campaign head to: http://www.renewablegeneration.org.au/

* 1. What area of renewable energy do you study in/have you recently been qualified in?

* 2. Which statement is true about you:

* 3. When you finish your course do you hope to get a job in the renewable energy industry?

* 4. Are you aware of the Federal Government’s Review of the Renewable Energy Target?

* 5. Do you think the current Federal Government’s stance towards renewable energy is likely to:

* 6. Do you think that increased investment in renewable energy by the Federal Government will increase your prospects of getting a job/keeping your job in the renewable energy industry?

* 7. Do you think the Federal Government should be investing more in renewable energy?

* 8. Australia currently has a legislated Renewable Energy Target of 20% (41,000 gigawatt hours) by 2020. Do you think the Federal Government should:

* 9. Do you think the Australian renewable energy industry has the potential to grow beyond what it is today?

* 10. Why did you choose to study in the field of renewable energy?

* 11. Why is investment in renewable energy important to you?

* 12. Do you want to be contacted by the AYCC about opportunities to take action to support renewable energy?

* 13. About you (your responses will remain confidential):