In August 2021, the Department of Health published a consultation paper in which it detailed proposals to remove a substantial number of items from the Prostheses List. 

The Department of Health now proposes to act and remove eight “topical adhesives” from the Prostheses List, effective from 1 March 2022.  These eight brands are widely used by many specialists.

But this is just the start, there will be many more removals to follow.

APHA has compiled a list of products affected by the Department’s proposals (errors and omissions excepted). The products are grouped by ‘category’ of device: drug delivery devices, enteral tubes, haemostatic devices, adhesion barriers, internal adhesives, ligating devices, staples and tackers, dynamic wound closure devices, interocular fluids and arterial closure devices and can be viewed by clicking a series of 11 drop-down lists below.

Simply “scroll” to review the lists of interest to you and “click” on the drop-down box to view an alphabetical list of products.

This link also invites you to answer five brief questions about how removal of these items might affect your practice.  These questions are voluntary, if you do not wish to answer these questions no data will be recorded.

Any responses you do wish to provide will help APHA in our continued fight to support clinician independence and choice in the private sector. 
No personal information is being requested and all information supplied will be de-identified.  No comments will be attributed to any individual or used in a way that could indirectly identify an individual. 
Now you know what the reform might mean. Can we ask how your practice will be impacted?
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