Anitafrika Retreat Centre
Life Coaching Residency

Where do you need to be in your life and how are you getting there? Clarity. Simplicity. Humility. Discipline & Focus are urgent tools to work with and d'bi can support you through honing them. The program offers artists an opportunity to work with d'bi via telephone and/or video conferencing on a weekly basis.

Having worked with hundreds of practitioners for the past two decades, who, after completing their physical residencies with d'bi, expressed interest in furthering their work with her via phone, d'bi designed the new Life Coaching Residency. The program is also open to those who are unable to do a physical residency at the Anitafrika Retreat Centre. A prior residency with d'bi is not a pre-requisite for the Life Coaching program. 

Practitioners can also utilize their sessions to receive coaching for day-to-day psycho-emotional support, grant writing, project development, uncovering creativity, completing a project or using the Anitafrika Method. Practitioners work through one or more Anitafrika Method principles per session while focusing on their overall personal, creative and or professional goal/s. 

Life Coaching Residency Participants are also asked to:
1. Acquire a new notebook specifically for the Residency
2. Acquire a copy of the book 'Comfortable with Uncertainty' by Pema Chodron
3. Purchase the Anitafrika Method Card Deck to be used during Life Coaching sessions

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