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A survey published on August 1 by Pew Research Center polled 619 Catholics (out of 2,973 adults). That survey claimed to show that 64% of Catholics have heard about the Catholic bishops’ opposition to the HHS mandate. The survey also showed that 56% of Catholics (41% of people of all beliefs) agreed with the Catholic bishops and 36% of Catholics (47% of people of all beliefs) disagreed with them.

The real question is:

Are these people getting their information about Catholic teaching from the mainstream press—including information about what the Catholic bishops say—or are they responding to what they hear from the bishops themselves?

To answer this question, we have designed a survey to present you with the bishops’ teaching, then we let you tell us whether you agree or disagree with them on this topic.

***Feedback from non-Catholics is also welcomed, so please pass it on to your friends, family, and other contacts.***

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