Do you count your great-grandmother's cross-stitched Bible verse among your prized possessions? Or perhaps your family has used the same Kiddush cup for generations. Maybe you're involved in the revitalization of traditional Anishinaabeg religious practices, or have specific objects that help you get through a day of fasting. If you'd like to share your story of religious history with a broader audience, we have an opportunity for you!
The Eiteljorg Museum seeks applications for inclusion in a fall 2023 publication (and spring 2024 exhibition) which will focus on art, history, and the American West. Religion has helped shape the culture of the United States, and religious practices and identity have also been impacted by being incorporated into the legal boundaries of the US: we want to explore those changes through personal, individual stories.
We're particularly interested in artwork, historical documents/photographs, or objects from people who belong to a wide variety of faith communities or spiritual journeys. We also welcome contributions from scholars to help contextualize religious practice in American history. The book will focus primarily on the 19th century, with chapters on 1820-1840, 1840-1860, and 1860-1890, but will also include a chapter on modern religious practices.  
In this form, you'll be asked either to upload/describe your item and explain your connection to it, or apply to write a caption for an object from the museum's collection that will be assigned to you. If your image submission is accepted, you'll be asked to write a 200-300 word reflection about your item and its meaning. If you apply just to write a caption, you'll be assigned an image based on your area of scholarly expertise and asked to write a 100-200 word caption.
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