The purpose of this survey is to identify topics for developing best practice guidelines for maintenance and reliability in mining and possible benchmarking. The topics identified will establish the focus for the Reliability Working Group for the next year.

Best practices are those that industry leaders have developed to achieve superior performance. The collaborative model for development of best practices enables participants in the process to accelerate the identification of best practices by eliminating the need for competitive benchmarking to identify industry leaders. Input from a cross section of industry participants will result in broader awareness of industry practices and development of best practice guidelines that organizations can apply as appropriate to their operating context.

The sharing of practices will take place through facilitated targeted best practices workshops supported by on-line sharing and / or teleconferences.

If you are interested in facilitating or leading a particular topic please feel free to contact either of those listed below.

* 1. What is the nature of your organization?

* 2. Mining Sector

* 3. Nature of Operation

* 4. Location (Country)

* 5. What is your Function / Role?

* 6. Describe the nature and size of your primary production Fleet (Primary Loading Units; Haulage Fleet)